Landscape Assessments


The following Landscape Assessments have been commissioned to support planning application submissions. These studies follow the principles of LVIA in appraising the existing landscape, including landscape character, individual physical elements and the visual setting. The understanding established through the assessment process are used to generate specific mitigation measures and propose robust landscape strategies for new developments.

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La Moye - St. Martin, GUERNSEY

This study involved a detailed assessment of this prominent coastal site; the bare and vegetated landscape, protected and sensitive features, itslandscape character and meaning, derived through the study of historical remnants and place names. The existing visual setting and character are established through recording representative viewpoints, which were analysed. The evolution of the landscape over many centuries is highly legible, the understanding of which, in support of characterising the existing landscape is utilised to provide a series of very detailed recommendations to be taken forward in the design of the new property and proposals for the estate which will constitute a new a significant chapter in the evolution of the landscape.

Client: Private
Architect: ADAM Architecture and Jamie Falla Architecture


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New Place - Torteval, GUERNSEY

This study was commissioned in support of a planning application for a spectacular new-build modern house by Jamie Falla Architecture, located within an Area of High Landscape Quality (AHLQ), with a uniquely remarkable outlook over the west coast of Guernsey. The setting of the house, on the edge of a narrow plateau with cliffs on three sides and an antiquated landscape structure, prompted a very detailed assessment of the character of the local environment.  Appraisal of the landscape, as experienced from strategic vantage points, was undertaken to ascertain the role of the property with other elements on the skyline. In consensus with the architectural objectives, the landscape strategy was conceivedto maximise the opportunities of this stunning location, the need to create shelter and respect the landscape heritage of the site. The landscape has been sensitively planned to balance a realigned domestic curtilage with this predominantly agricultural land parcel including the restoration of a redundant glass house site to grassland.

Client: Private
Architect for Planning: Jamie Falla Architecture


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