International Design Process


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Sustainable Urban Futures

We believe that we can make a difference through the creation of places for people. We identify and respond to environmental, social and economic needs of the present and create places which are adaptable to future needs.  We believe in our ability to influence and shape communities and environments and aspire to bring sustainable values into new opportunities.  We strive to:

  • Design for adaptability and longevity
  • Design with the future in mind
  • Evaluate and respond to each site and user group
  • Educate in sustainability through design

Environment: Expertise

Sustainability is embodied in our training, research and design processes. It is intrinsic in our company ethos and practice management.

Our extensive knowledge of the environment and ecology informs our approach to schemes from the earliest stage. We evaluate and respond to each project individually, identifying criteria for addressing environmental issues, sustainability, and resource management.

The following principles underlie our approach to schemes:

  • Increase biodiversity, creating or enhancing habitats for indigenous species
  • Research the vernacular use of materials and utilise local traditions and knowledge
  • Sourcing materials for durability and locality
  • Combining an understand of the site with new technologies and research to identify opportunities to innovatively improve environmental performance
  • Minimise the impact of the construction process
  • Water conservation and water harvesting
  • Design for drought tolerance

Coe Design has a proven track record at working to sustainability accreditation schemes such as BREEAM, LEED and Estidama. We have successfully completed projects to BREEAM ‘Excellent’.

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Environment: Cultural Expertise

We design inspiring and engaging places. We consider that art and cultural interpretation through design narrative, representation and place making is critical in the creation of positive and enduring relationships with each other and the natural world.

We respond directly to our client, stakeholders and users to establish a relevant landscape program. We acknowledge historic cultural heritage and respond with contemporary cultural outcomes.

Traditional Craftsmen build the walls for British Embassy - Sana'a, Yemen

Traditional Craftsmen build the walls for British Embassy - Sana'a, Yemen

Middle East Design Process

  • City spaces, connections for Middle East cities
  • Arid Landscape design case studies
  • Indigenous plants and ecosystems
  • Inspirations from many sources
  • Historic references
  • Water in design
  • Traditional material and crafts
  • Material studies
  • Ecology
  • LEED and Estidama
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