Walking Cities


Walking Cities is an exploration project that we have been undertaking over several years.

This practice based research is a basis for our place making approach to landscape architecture in cities. These practical observations inform our principles of urban design.

The investigation takes place on a serendipitous ad hoc geographic basis, wherever we happen to be.  Members of the team consider their experience of being in places, their response to them and then the easeof walking from place to place. Noticing and observing is also part of the experience and the general interest of a place.

Recent visits by our design team to cities starting with our practice base in Weymouth and London, include Spain, Oslo, Masdar, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Nairobi, San Francisco, Oaxaca, Mexico, Melborne, Singapore and Toronto, Canada.

Each person brings an experience of walking – from the purpose of a walk for itself, for experiencing the outdoors, exploring points of interest and finding your way and ability to orientate yourself.

The point is to explore and engage in walking and cities, in a wide manner and form a personal response.

Singapore Arts Centre

Singapore Arts Centre


Abu Dhabi



South Bank, London

South Bank, London

Kuala Lumpa

Abu Dhabi


New York