Walking Landscapes


Walking Landscapes is an exploration project that we are engaged in, and have been pursuing for several years. Our practice based research is based on observing and understanding the natural landscape and people’s interaction with it. Acquiring knowledge by practical experience of walking through landscapes brings a direct engagement- the effect of weather, seasonal influence, landscape pattern and typology, changes in light, topography.

Experiences then inform our aims regarding sustainable and environmental design approaches to projects. The investigation takes place on an occasional basis, wherever we happen to be, whether walking the public rights of way, open land or natural areas.

Landscapes of recent influence, interest and importance include arid landscapes and deserts in the Middle East, UK South West Coastal Path, Pembroke lanes and byeways.

The point is to explore and engage in walking and cities, in a wide manner and form a personal response.

Maiden Castle, Dorset

Portland, Dorset

Thorncombe Woods, Dorset

Portland, Dorset